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Next Meeting
Nov 21, 2017, 7:30pm, Scotch Plains Rescue Squad (directions )
Live link to the meeting starts at 8:00pm
Call in on Skype, at the Skype 'number'   rdwnj.   yes the dot . is part of the number

Blockchain Coding: Inside of "main()"
  • "void SetupEnvironment()"
  • "bool AppInit(int argc, char* argv[])"
  • "bool AppInitMain(boost::thread_group& threadGroup, CScheduler& scheduler)l. 199 init.cpp -> Shutdown()"
Blockchain Technology: Crypto Cutlery

News Items
11/08/17 B2X "un-fork"
11/03/17 BTC convertibility
11/06/17 What is blockchain "graphene"?
11/13/17 A fork BCH fork!
11/05/17 BTG is almost a reality!?
10/29/17 Can e-Residency Coins work?
10/16/17 Byzantium Forks as Planned
10/15/17 The Ethereum Byzantium Hard Fork
10/13/17 BTG and B2X
10/11/17 BGOLD
10/15/17 The 'CryptoRuble'
10/09/17 CFTC on "delivery"
10/09/17 Overstock ICO
10/07/17 The latest Ethereum news
Blockchain Applications
Blockchain Business Applications
Video Links
Building BTC and YAC in MSVS
Andreas Antonopoulos (Sep 29, 2015)
Andreas Antonopoulos (Apr 22, 2017)
Andreas Antonopoulos - Playlists
Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com on T0
Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift.io
Charles Hoskinson of IOHK.io
Roger Ver on www.maxkeiser.com

GitHub Projects
The latest Bitcoin project

Latest MS VS Editions (Community)
Any MS VSExpress 2008!
Any MS VSExpress 2005!
Also any MS VSExpress 2005!

Links of Interest
Satoshi Nakamoto's Original Paper
Latest Bitcoin download
All the versions of Bitcoin
Latest Ethereum (Mist) download
Latest Ethereum (Geth) download
All the Cryptocurrencies
Current ICOs
Online OS distribution
Identity Records Idea from 2013
ACGNJ C/C++ Users Group

Past Meetings
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